Sector 9 Gasket Elbow Pad


The Sector 9 Gasket pads are a minimalist, maneuverable and abrasion resistant elbow pad for those riders looking for less bulky and intrusive  padding and a more sleek comfortable fit.

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The Sector 9 Gasket Elbow pads are a low profile hard-shell knee pad providing protection with minimal intrusion. The pads consist of a sleek neoprene sleeve with breathable and removable hard shell caps attached to them.

The Gasket pads are ideal for glancing blows and thus suited for experienced riders who fall less often or less severe impacts. The pads offer a similar maneuverability to the G-Form pad yet a hard shell that can resist abrasion.

1. Durable Neoprene Sleeve
2. Breathable Delrin Hard Caps
3. Removable Delrin Hard Caps
4. Heavy Duty Velcro
5. Durable Double Stitching
6. Maximum Flexibility & Comfort
7. Mesh Nylon Bag To Carry Pads & Gear

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Sector 9