Sector 9 Risers


Sort out your ride and avoid nasty wheel bite with the Sector 9 Riser pads. Not too bulky, yet big enough to make a difference.

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The Sector 9 8mm Riser pad (or 1/4 inch) is the perfect riser pad for eliminating wheel bite on most setups while not creating too much clearance between the wheel and the board and thus avoiding excessive ride height.

The Sector 9 16mm Riser (or 1/2 inch) the ideal riser for eliminating wheel bite and setups with large wheels and makes for an ultra responsive ride.

The Sector 9 angled risers change the feel and stability of your board depending on how they are used. When fitting the larger side inwards the truck becomes more responsive and ‘turny’ when fitting the larger side outward it becomes more stable.

The Sector 9 Riser pad is made up of recycled materials.

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Sector 9


1/4 inch (8mm), 1/2 inch (16mm), Angled Risers