Seismic Tekton 7 Ball Steel XT Bearings


One of the best bearings on the market now with new-and-improved construction with broader flanges, tighter assembly tolerances, and dust-resistant ball retainers!

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Tekton™ 7-Ball XT™ Steel Bearings with Classic Free-Spacer System Next-level skate bearing tech – more speed, better handling, longer life! Versatile Free-Spaced Design

  • 50% Stronger XT (Extra-Tough) Steel Casings
  • Tighter Assembly Tolerances
  •  Dust-Resistant Ball Retainers
  •  Premium Lube – More speed & acceleration – Consistent wheel contact & grip – Predictable slide release & hookup – Extended wheel & bearing life
  • Versatile Free-Spacer System: Precisely-sized spacers square up against bearings and stabilize them inside wheels.


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Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 cm