Silkgrenade Royalty


The Silkgrenade Royalty is a downhill board made of the finest materials that will last you a lifetime. Not to mention it is purpose built for speed and freeriding.

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The Silkgrenade Royalty is a downhill machine with carbon fibre and Canadian maple plies; this makes the board ultra stiff and durable, giving it stability and responsiveness at speed.

Furthermore the drop-through setup gives you a low centre of gravity, further adding to a stable ride.

The prominent symmetrical V-shaped micro-drop concave creates comfortable pockets for bombing in either regular or goofy stance and provides notable traction when sliding. The Royalty has a symmetrical shape thus giving the board the same feel whether riding in switch or normal stance.

Lastly, the Silkgrenade Royalty features gas pedals on all four sides thus enhancing rail control when sliding, no matter whether you’re riding switch or natural stance.

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Dimensions 90.5 × 24.5 cm
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