Silkgrenade Slider


The symmetrical shape of the Slider, combined with a comfortable and functional concave make this the ideal board for freeriding

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The Silkgrenade Slider is in a masterclass of its craft with a high gloss finish and classic racing stripes.

The board is crafted from the highest quality materials, featuring 7 plies of  canadian maple. The topmount construction of this board makes it very responsive and ideal for freeriding.

The prominent symmetrical V-shaped micro-drop concave creates comfortable pockets for bombing in either regular or goofy stance and provides notable traction when sliding. The Slider has a symmetrical shape thus giving the board the same feel whether riding in switch or normal stance.

The Silkgrenade Slider offers multiple wheel base options, allowing you to tinker with your ride and customizing its feel.

Lastly, the Silkgrenade Slider features tapered rails on all four sides thus enhancing rail control when sliding, no matter whether you’re riding switch or natural stance.

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Dimensions 90 × 24 cm
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