Street Hawgs 67mm


The biggest in the Street Hawgs series, the 67mm Street Hawgs are ready to rip into any hill, with enough urethane to lay down some meaty slides, while maintaining that smooth buttery feel we know from the smaller versions.

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New for 2014, the Street Hawgs 67mm are slightly bigger than their 62mm diameter brothers. The 67mm 82a Street Hawgs are a smooth sliding wheel with a stronger lean towards longboarding slides and freeriding than their smaller counterparts.

However their size still allows for more technically orientated maneuvers while the soft 82a urethane provides a very buttery slide..

Their small stature and their stone ground finish allows one to slide these wheels with complete ease straight out the box with no riding in needed. Their smooth, easy slide makes these wheels ideal for experimenting with new slides where one wants a wheel giving little resistance yet maintaining its control.

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Freeride, Sliding, Tech-sliding


67 mm

Contact Patch

30 mm


Urethane Depth

16 mm

Core Placement


Lip Profile