Landyachtz Switchblade 38 Hollow Core


The all new Switchblade 38! Landyachtz's top freeride board finding the middle ground between its siblings. Longer than the Switchblade 36, yet shorter than the Switchblade 40.

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The Switchblade has, not surprisingly, emerged as one of Landyachtz’s most popular boards. Its unique concave is perfectly suited for both downhill and freeriding.

It has a slightly dropped platform which dips slightly further down on each side of the board before rising again at the truck base. This forms a groove at either end of the board which provides a great gouge for your feet when sliding. Furthermore the board offers a topmount as well as drop through option allowing one to choose between turn and traction or stability and ease of slide.

The Switchblade 38 provides a middle ground for those that find the Switchblade 40 too big and the Switchblade 36 too small. Therefore this board is ideal for medium sized riders.

The 2015 Switchblade features Landyachtz’ new hollow core construction which significantly reduces the weight of the board while maintaining strength and rigidity by sandwiching the board in layers of fibreglass.

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Dimensions 96.52 × 24.89 cm
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