Venom HPF Barrel Bushing


The benchmark in bushings…the Venom HPF formula provides a stable ride at speeds and a precise turn so you can rail those corners and choose the line you want.

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HPF Formula: The High Performance Formula provides a stable ride and a prompt ‘return to centre’. With less rebound than the SHR – Super High Rebound Formula, the HPF Venom’s provide a very precise turn and a predictable lean-to-turn ratio.

Barrel Shape: The barrel bushing shape offers a deep turn as well as a stable ride. The barrel is the traditional go-to shape for freeriding and bombing.

*Price indicated is for a set of two bushings

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HPF Formula – High Performance Formula


73a Pastel Pink, 78a Blue, 81a Orange, 85a Yellow, 87a Purple, 90a Red, 93a Green, 95a Glow in the Dark, 97a Pink

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