Venom Keg Bushing 93a

Venom HPF Keg Bushings


Beefier than the standard barrel bushings but with a smoother transition than the sharp edged stepped barrel, the Kegs provide a smooth turning, stable ride.

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Product Description

HPF Formula: The High Performance Formula provides a stable ride and a prompt ‘return to centre’. With less rebound than the SHR – Super High Rebound Formula, the HPF Venom’s provide a very precise turn and a predictable lean-to-turn ratio.

The Keg Shape: The “keg” bushing is designed to give more progressive resistance and rebound than a barrel, but without the hard stop of a normal stepped bushing.

The curved side profile provides extra meat while still fitting most bushing seats. Ideal for use on the board-side, especially if you’re looking for a softer-feeling setup without losing stability.

Just think of it as a barrel, but with that thicky-thicc-thicc as Nelly would say. Only compatible with Tall-bushing trucks.

*Price indicated is for a set of two bushings

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87a (purple), 90a (red), 93a (green)


High Performance Formula

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