Volante Serrata


The Volante Serrata is a high speed downhill and freeriding wheel that has heaps of traction but will break out into a predictable slide when you want it to.

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The Volante Serrata is high speed downhill and freeride wheel. The Serrata is engineered with a high strength vented core that will allow for fast speeds in downhill. The large vented core allows for minimal urethane deformity when rolling and gives the wheel a high rolling speed.

The wheel has a 53mm contact patch with a 3.5mm offset core which will give optimal traction when cornering,  yet still break out into a slide when necessary. The Serrata has a smooth finish with sharp, yet slightly bevelled edges; this makes for a high traction wheel that will produce a predictable slide.

The wheel diameter of 72mm, lying between the bigger 76mm and the smaller 70mm wheel, ensures a wheel which can hold its speed on straights as well as accelerate through corners.

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Downhill, Freeride



Lip Profile


Core Placement

3.5 mm offset

Contact Patch

53 mm