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Gotta Skate Em All

We are very proud to announce the release of a new T-Shirt in our clothing line up. All our T-Shirts are 100% enzyme washed cotton shirts, giving them a soft, breathable feel. The shirts weigh in at 160 gram and have a snug comfortable fit.

The Philosophy:
Too often people tend to see things as opposites, as either being black or white. But in reality it seems like things are always on a spectrum. Street skating, downhill skating, freeriding, dancing… They are all on a spectrum and they are all connected. And there are no limits to which ‘disciplines’ on the spectrum you can practice. You can choose to focus on one, or dabble in many. It’s your choice and you’re free to do as you please. The problem is that people seek their identity from one specific activity, and in doing so they criticise all others because it makes them feel more closely attached to the specific scene they wish to attach themselves too. And this breeds unnecessary antagonism. The same can be said for surfing. Bodyboarding, shortboarding, longboarding, SUP…they all take place in the ocean. They’re related, but it seems like too often there’s a childish shit-slinging contest going on between them.
There’s a lot to be learnt from pursuing multiple activities, there’s also a lot to be learnt from pursuing one activity intensely. Try not to discriminate. And rather be respectful.
If you give it some thought, this theory can be extrapolated to many other aspects of your life and in your interactions with others.

This line of thinking is what prompted us to design the ‘Gotta Skate ’em All’ T-Shirts.

We hope you like them.

Gotta Skate em All T-shirt

Baboon Classic White T-Shirt

Baboon Classic Black T-Shirt

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Houwteq 2014

The Houwteq race took place the other day. As always the Baboons were involved. Some skating, some climbing around the mountain filming the others skate. Houwteq was to date one of the most organised races we have attended. Heats ran flawlessly, the new timing system allowed you to check time trial results online and photo finish shots were available shortly after the race. SAGRA did a great job on this one.

Needless to say we are extremely stoked and proud of our sponsored riders. In the open division we had Decio Lourenco in 1st place and Nick Hook in 4th. And in the Junior 1 Division we had Nicky Taylor in 4th. With the races becoming more and more competitive these positions are the result of focused and talented skaters getting shit done. We are proud to be backing some of the top skaters in the country.

Clambering around the mountain turned out to be well worth it and we managed to get some epic footage of the build up to the finals with an overview of most of the track.

Here’s the edit we put together of Houwteq 2014:

Next up on the race calendar is the King of the Fort race in Pretoria. Baboon Boards will be there, racing and filming. We have a feeling this year will be quite memorable, not least because a beerfest is running concurrently with the race. We are excited to be a sponsor of this race.

We’ll see you there.

much love,

The Baboons


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Faircape 2014 Downhill Race

Faircape is a pretty straightforward race…it’s straight and you go forward. But on the other hand it isn’t. When you throw in another 5 riders into your run all hitting speeds close to 100km/h things get pretty tactical and things get hairy.

P1060276 (2)Pack runs with the father in front and the rest on the hunt.

This years Faircape race saw plenty of speed and some gnarly crashes. The top speed recorded on the weekend was 102km/h, set by Murray Chandler aka. the Bearwrestler (It’s been said that Murray goes on trips deep into the woods in his native East London looking to wrestle the gnarliest creature he comes across…he is yet undefeated) On the wipeout front Nick Coetzee takes the cake. Bojan and Nick connected in the right hand corner and slammed into the hay bails at a good 90km/h. It is unclear what exact injuries Nick has but it is likely to be a fractured and/or broken arm and/or wrist and/or shoulder. And or something like that. We wish Nick a speedy recovery and hopes that he’ll be back on his board in good time. Although spectacular, it is never nice to see your mates go flying, especially at such speeds. While we’re at it, the medics deserve a mention. Baking in the sun all day, listening to guys frothing about going down hills and then being there for them when they fuck it up. What champions.

Do the right thing. Bomb a hill. Then drink some milk.Do the right thing. Bomb a hill. Then drink some milk.

What else do we have to report? Well, Decio didn’t come first (fark), he got a second. That doesn’t happen very often. Nevertheless, the Baboons are duk stoked. We love our team and our riders, no matter where they place (and 2nd ain’t bad at all) . Also Nicky T placed fourth in Junior 1. Super stoked to see this Bobbejaan shred this year. Anyway, there’s no point in giving you random results cause SAGRA has got their shit together, and within a couple of hours after the race, they’ve released the results online. Check them out here.

P1060262 (2)Some of the Riders got a bit nervous heading down the hill.

Well done to Jason Brown for winning. What a good man. Oh yes, and a FAT well done to Cash Money for taking Junior 2. Some people may know him as Joey Marcus, but his birth certificate actually says Cash Money. HBB cleaning up pretty good. Ok, now we’re done. There’s probably lots we didn’t mention, but that’s ok. It’s been a great Faircape, thanks SAGRA. Here’s some more pics.


Groms chilling in the shade. Keeping their noggins cool for the heats.
Groms chilling in the shade. Keeping their noggins cool for the heats.
Mike Upham looking fresh. Lid by Boardyard.
Mike Upham looking fresh. Lid by Boardyard.
Michael Jackschein lurking.
Michael Jackschein lurking.
HB grom Misha leading the charge


Decio pretty far ahead of the pack.
Decio pretty far ahead of the pack.
The stark beauty of Faircape.
The stark beauty of Faircape.

much love

the Baboons

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High Rising 2013

Although the High Rising race was just over a month ago we have finally released our official video. The Baboon cameraman spent two days crawling and creeping around the mountain in the howling wind to get some beatiful angles of the action that went down, so please take your time to enjoy our race edit.

The video includes footage of the finals and some of the highlights of the two day race. We’d like to again congratulate Baboon Riders Alex Meyer and Decio Lourenco for taking 1st and 2nd place respectively in the Open category and Nicky Taylor for taking  1st place in the Junior 1 division.

Much love

-the Baboons

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Sam Jakins goes fast

This is our first video with team rider Sam Jakins, so we thought we’d keep it simple. A super gnarly, fast raw run. Sit back and Enjoy.

Music by Cape Town froth rock group Rosemary Townsend. Check out these talented, strapping young men on soundcloud. They will impress.

And if they take your fancy, give them a like on facebook and follow their shenanigans:

Have a splendid day,

the Baboons

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Rider of the Storm

Our latest skate video is out. Baboon Alex Meyer goes for a skate session during a rain storm. We we’re really impressed and we hope you are too. And if watch it in HD if your internet connection permits.

Alex rides:

Kahalani Precision Trucks (they will outlast you)
Landyachtz Top Speed
Hawgs Mini Zombies 80a

Enjoy. And share if you are pleased.

Much Love

The Baboons

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Fullbag boards have arrived!!

We are proud to announce that we are now stocking the state of the art Fullbag boards. We’ve got a full range from slalom and commuting boards to downhill and freeride boards. Here’s what just arrived:

Fullbag Elise
Fullbag TM-FR
Fullbag Royal Flush
Fullbag TM-39
Fullbag TM-37
Fullbag Speedstyler
Fullbag Le 62
Fullbag Foboo

Fullbag Seb Léger
Fullbag Louis Ricard
Fullbag Junk in the Trunk
Fullbag Gustavs Gailitis
Fullbag Lightning Strike
Fullbag Death or Glory
Fullbag Red Baron 

Here’s some pictures to keep you entertained.

The Fullbag Elise 2013


A glimpse at the concave of the Elise 2013


The Royal Flush looking good with a matte black finish


The TM-FR with a high gloss finish


The Fullbag Lightning Strike