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Team Rider Decio

We’re proud to announce that Decio Lourencio is now a Baboon Boards team rider. Don’t know who he is? You probably do…the man on his longboard setting off the speed camera down Kloof Nek? That’s him. Decio has been longboarding for a long time, since back when you could count the amount of SA downhill skaters on you fingers. After a couple of years hiatus, he emerged back on the longboarding scene with a bang, first having his Youtube video of the Kloof Nek bomb go viral, then by winning the 2013 Fair Cape race in an immensely competitive field in March.

Besides being a world class skater, Decio has been one of our best customers and after a while the Baboons started scratching their head thinking “Shit, this isn’t right, we might as well make him one of us”, so we gave him some stuff and made it official. Decio now rides the Rayne Avenger with Abec 11 Flashbacks.

Anyway, we’ve blabbed on long enough…keep your eyes out for some footage of this Baboon klapping it down some crazy hills in the future, and while we’re at it, join our YouTube Channel; we’ve been hard at work making what we think are good skating videos.

Cheers for now.

-the Baboons