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Volante Wheels at Baboons

Volante wheels just arrived at our shops. Our wheel range is constantly growing and we are pleased to be stocking the Volantes. They are a high quality wheel made by a reputable company and definitely get the baboon seal of approvement. Here’s what we’ve got:

Volante Morgan
Volante Serrata
Volante Checkers 

Apart from stocking Caliber trucks, we now have the Caliber Precision Trucks in stock. They come in a pretty larney box with a bunch of Blood Orange bushing combinations. Caliber are definitely definitely setting the benchmark in professionalism, with great presentation and, if reviews are to be trusted, a very competent truck.

Here’s some pictures from the interweb, to put a face to the name.

The Volante Morgan. Liam Morgan’s pro model wheel available in 80a and 82a.


The Volante Serrata


The Volante Checker, the ideal freeride, all-purpose wheel.


The Caliber Precision trucks. Each set of trucks comes with various Blood Orange bushings options.


For more information on the products please click the links provided above. We provide detailed information on all our products.

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