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What do we have here?

The latest batch of skate gear came in. And it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. It is in fact so functional that you most definitely need it in your life to take your relationship with skateboarding to new levels. But, jokes aside, we pride ourselves in the wide range and quality of products that we stock and these new items will definitely feature prominently.

This is what’s new in the zoo:
Bear Kodiaks
Rayne Mike Fitter Bro Model
Tall Polar Bear Black 155mm
Landyachtz’ crazy glove range

Back in stock:
Tracer Hawgs
Free Wheels Thoughts
Free Quincy’s
Free Dumbs
Rayne Idle Hands

A closer look at Rayne Mike Fitter Bro Model concave
A frontal shot of this handsome topmount.
More stock of the popular Free Wheel Co. wheels. These things slide for days.
A rainbow of candy. The amount of thane that the Tracer Hawgs dump is crazy!
A close up shot of the Kodiak basking in the evening light.
Complete with 3 full sets of bushings, the Kodiaks definitely pack some heat in that box.
Rayne Idle Hands slide glove 1
Solid, yet flexible construction and with a nice sized puck…the updated Rayne Idle Hands gloves
Polar Bear 155mm Tall Black
Same as the standard Polar Bears but slightly taller and with more clearance between wheel and board.